Based in London, I’m an ex-founder myself, working as a startup advisor, angel and co-founder of IfWeRaise.

One of the things that I love about early stage companies is the passion and energy to build, create and solve. You can’t help but learn and feel challenged every day.

I write about the lessons I learn from all sides of the founder/advisor/angel table. This forces me to clarify them. It also opens them to scrutiny so I (and others) can learn faster.

10 second bio

  • Co-founder of IfWeRaise - finding more collaborative ways for founders and angels to work together, they largely share the same interests…

  • Built and sold digital platform agency Deeson to TPXimpact, hundreds of clients included The Royal Household and Johnson & Johnson.

  • Co-founded, my co-founder recently raised their seed round

  • Trained as an exec coach and studied psychotherapy - because all business challenges are partly people challenges

  • One current hat is Entrepreneur in Residence at the London School of Economics, working with 100+ startups a year

  • Active member of HERmesa and Angel Investing School syndicates

  • Spend more time thinking about using my campervan than actually using it

  • Will happily lose all sense of time at a music festival

Strongly held opinions

  • Premature scaling (and excess capital) in startups frequently increases risk and causes unnecessary failures, we can be more strategic

  • Not all startups are (or should be) VC-fundable unicorns, there are many other appropriate funding options that don’t get air time

  • We must create a more inclusive early stage ecosystem of founders and angel investors - it doesn’t currently represent the society we live in and that is wrong

  • For the majority of startups, aiming for earlier revenue (and possibly profit) is more likely to create sustainable businesses. And more founder friendly outcomes, whilst still delivering attractive investor returns

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Co-founder at IfWeRaise - helping founders get fairer access entepreneurship